URS & inc Vogue 1926 Designer Backpack Designer Backpack Vogue 1926 Designer Backpack
Estimated PriceUS $45.00-48.00
What is sourcing?

1. What is sourcing?

Sourcing is a free product search service. We will search for the products that you have applied for sourcing service from our cooperative factories and quote you a reasonable price.

2. What is the difference between these products and GogoMall online products?

Product Type Purchase Method Price Showed on "Product Detail" Page
GogoMall Online Products Place order directly with the price showed on
the product detail page
The price you need to pay when
placing orders
Products on Sourcing List Source first and we will quote and
send a link to you for purchase
It is just the price( shipping fee not included ) we
estimated after communicating
with our factories, not the ultimate price
when placing orders

3. What is estimated price?

It is just the price we estimated after communicating with our factories. It will be affected or changed by many other factors such as the order time, material price, etc.

Therefore, the estimated price showed above is probably not the ultimate price when placing the order. We will quote you the price for placing orders after receiving your sourcing request.

4. How long I will get the reply?

We will reply within 24 business hours via the contact method you leave.

5. How do we select these products?

In order to pick out the protential winning products, we analyzed the selling data such as sell amount and sell trend from some shopping online platform such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish, eBay and so on by using some technology ways. We will update every day and in this way you can browse the latest products the first time.

6. How can I contact GogoMall If not receive any reply?

Just contact us via below methods, or click Contact Us to leave a message.

Email: service@gogomall.com

Facebook: click here to contact

Skype: gogomallservice@outlook.com

7. How can I import these products to the store?

After receiving your sourcing request, we will contact and quote you. If you accept the quotation, we will send you a link to import the products to your stores.